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Thursday, January 12, 2012

I don't celebrate

Just as the title suggests I won't be celebrating my latest anniversary, it has been two years since I was officially diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis. I can remember it as it were yesterday, I was in the hospital because I was I kept falling at home and I was completely zapped of strength to stand back up not to mention if I were to manage standing up, it was doubtful I could keep my balance. My wife and I were still a little clueless as to what could be wrong, but the day after being admitted I was alone in bed when the attending neurologist, and might I add the Dr with the WORST bedside manner in the world, she waited till I was alone and half asleep and just came out and said Yeah, It's MS. The next day in front of my wife she started going on about the possibility that it could be HIV. Thankfully it wasn't and thankfully I now have a neurologist that minored in Tact and bedside manner. In the past two years I have tried my darnedest to get educated about MS and try to share info (as is seen here)

So in a way I guess I've just lied, I should celebrate the fact that I'm alive and the fact that the MS hasn't really progressed, I had optic neuritis that went from a minor brown  obstruction in vision to just one eye being a tad crossed, or rather a bit off center (as you see in most MSers).

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