Sunday, October 24, 2021


I'd like to start out slowly and eventually spew out my ideas and thoughts over time because according to what Alexa just answered I haven't done this "blog" in 2,273 days or 6 years and 2 months ago.  

I'm still an insecure person with MS, I won't fill up space today with the obvious things so I'll try this from another angle.  

I'm now a  homeowner  meaning I busy myself with work around the house that in most cases isn't exactly necessary  (pruning trees and such) since I don't work out of the house because of disability whenever I'm not trying out busy work in the yard (like 99% of the time) I'm watching TV, much like the lack of posts I tend not to read to much because my attention tends to flutter around a lot like a feather during a storm. 

I can't exactly recall the DMD I was on in 2015 but if I didn't mention it I'm currently taking the generic version of Tecfidera (Dimethyl Fumarate) like any DMD it is what it is  (essentially a crap shoot that you pin your hopes to). 

I'm also an uncle again twice over,  my brother and his wife welcomed twins in  2017. Me myself I've discovered over time that I do NOT like responsibility let alone being responsible for another life, don't get me wrong  I think breeders are cool it just ain't my bag, hell I feel bad enough when I yell at one of my cats if they're meowing incessantly to enter into a locked room. 

soo I'm ✌ peacing out for now and I  honestly want to make this a habit again because...... like I used to do in the 90s (sooooooooooo fucking long ago)  I would constantly scribble in notebooks 📓 and I also wrote a short story or 5 lol I've had this idea ruminating in my head for literally the time since the last blog post and if I wait ANY longer it'll change AGAIN and become just that much more complicated.  much like the stories from the 90s it serves as an outlet a catharsis and hopefully I can get the ball  rollong

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