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Saturday, October 19, 2013

gearing up for Movember, need feedback

Ok so I know that I'm a very absent minded blog keeper but as you know (or as I write here every few months) I am looking to change that. One of the things that I truly hate about having Multiple Sclerosis is that I am VERY easily distracted because of my lack of focus, that little sticking point just blends itself into other areas of my MS laziness (a blend of lack of motivation/zero energy/mood- anger) oh the joys of our illness. Sorry I had to have a little whine- my writing style is anything but perfect or normal, as you know or are about to find out- I am trying to impart my knowledge and yell a lot in the process. I am taking part in Movember  which is a light hearted yet hirsute challenge for men to grow a mustache while fundraising for men's health issues which include prostate and testicular cancer as well as mental health issues. I want to participate in order to shine a light on the issue of men and MS - Multiple Sclerosis is two to three times more common in females than males. So I am going to forth with a "lip broom" and talk about some health in the process, I still don't know how often I'll update (daily versus 2-3 day intervals)
have to start fresh but as you can see its very easy