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Saturday, April 28, 2012

take it slow

it's important to take it slow when there are temperature fluctuations, I've done my usual running* around this weekend and I noticed my vision doubling before. Perhaps I ran too much? Maybe its only the heat. Regardless of the cause it serves as a good reminder to slow down, I turned the ac down and I'm in for the day as it seems. For anyone with Multiple Sclerosis the sun and warm temps can be a real burden at times, it's always best to err or on the side of caution especially to prevent a relapse.

(*of course I didn't run, I use a cane for pete's sake)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Pumped from the gym

I had a great workout today at the gym and I've come home to rest, I'm trying to get a few good workouts in before I leave for vacation. Although if you think about it - I'm going to Disney world, the amount of walking (without the mobility scooter) is going to be a good workout so I should be good. At the gym I went up an extra .1 on the treadmill to 2.4, I did that for sixteen minutes then I cranked it down to 2.0 to finish up.

Still feeling a bit pumped I wanted to hear some good mood music that I've shared before, Karate Kid theme

Monday, April 23, 2012

thoughts on my year

aside from the readathon this week also brings my 36th Birthday and I'm welcoming it with open arms, I'm thankful that my MS hasn't progressed and when you can say that then that's saying something. I'm not really into superstitions but one thing I do follow is Chinese Zodiac. I was born in the year of the dragon and we are now in ANOTHER year of the dragon so I will be taking it as a motivator to continue to feel strong. My 35th year wasn't bad at all, the only big thing was the splitting of my Facebook account into two (my regular friends and my MS friends)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My final thoughts on Spring Readathon 12'

well, as is typical of my body, I was able to do my reading for springs readathon till the 16th hour mark rolled around but then my body gave out. After I woke up and tended to some business outside of the house I was able to retreat to a quiet area and finish the book. It's kind of funny reading historical fiction, I wanted to know what happened to Lincoln! see how Grahame-Smith was going to weave the assassination into the mythos of Vampire Hunters. Well needless to say I wasn't dissapointed, I'm eager to see how the movie turns out

Regrets? I have none! I have to get some sleep

I believe I've forth a valiant effort but my MS effected brain wants me to get some sleep, it's a shame too because my book is really getting good, (I'm almost to the end, but 19th century speak while your brain is tired is no fun) All told I read only 275 pages but they were some long ass funky pages. But I'm glad I made it into the 17th hour (my personal best) I would like to do a better recap of what I thought of the book, perhaps tomorrow after I finish it, To my fellow readers I say Keep fighting the good fight, you're 2/3 the way there.