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Saturday, March 24, 2012


At times I tend to be a silent grumpy lump, lucky for me simple t-shirts can be a great tool for outreach. I was at a hamburger shop this afternoon and I was wearing one of my favorite MS T-shirts and I made a new friend. I met an MSer that has been kicking her MS' ass for 13 years. My new friend looks very strong and very fit, she served as a good inspiration to me and I thought that encounter can serve as inspiration to others. My shirt made me stand out to another MSer, and it also reminded me that I should be more vocal, I tend to sink into the background too much, I lucked out because my shirt became a conversation starter. 

I plan on being an elderly man one day and if I can tackle my MS the way that my new friend has then it won't be that bad. I got my shirt from THEMSSHOPPE I have to note that my new friend is probably younger than me, she's a mom, a wife, (as well as an MSer) again, I just use this as an example to us all to remember that we can still win! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

readathon is almost here

I thought I would do my part to continue to promote Deweys Readathon it is a fun way to celebrate the fun and joy of reading and for my part it's a way to bring awareness to disabled readers especially Readers who have Multiple Sclerosis. At times reading can be difficult for me because I have minor optic neuritis as well as  cognitive issues as a result of MS so focusing on reading that isn't on a computer screen is fun and a great way to rebuild from my disabilities. As I have previously posted the Readathon is on April 21st and it focuses on a 24 hour period, you aren't obligated to do the whole thing but it is fun. It helps to have your own blog or your own Facebook page so you can post about and discuss what you're reading. Check out the readathon page to get more details!

Monday, March 19, 2012

the highs and lows

went to the gym today and as always it was an adventure. I did my usual fifteen minutes on the treadmill all went well with that, I'm able to do a half mile on a good day(and today was a good day). After that I went over to the stationary bike, I have to use the seated bikes due to my drop foot and balance problems. Upon sitting down a funny thing happened, I got this real big adrenaline boost (more than usual, I'm chalking it up to my coffee). I tore through my routine like I was pedaling away from danger! I usually do 2 miles within fifteen minutes, I ended up doing it ten minutes & thirty seconds, I didn't want to push it past that. I ended with my usual leg press and knee bend machines. On my way home I noticed a little minor blurring in my vision, the lesson learned there is that I should appreciate my strengths and not forget that with my MS my unseen obstacles are still there. I also know that I'll sleep like a baby tonight and I'll most likely be a sleepy slug tomorrow.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

todays obstacle

one obstacle that I face and some MSers may face is motor skill difficulty. Let me try to explain (for those of you that might be scratching your heads) by motor skill difficulties I don't mean numb fingers (which I do get) I mean lathering my scalp with shampoo and having trouble multi-tasking. By that I mean I have trouble both standing up (trying to balance) having my hands on my scalp and trying to work my hands around my hair(or lack there-of) and just repeating that step. It may be a motor-skills prob or it may be a multi-tasking difficulty.
I just wanted to mention this because I just showered and I felt weird, slathering my hands around, my arms felt weird for a second.

note that I am a fat disabled guy and not a pretty lady  
so I'm just using this for illustrative purposes
The way I try to work in my environment is to keep my butt/tuchus flush with my tub-wall and I try to not over do it with the lathering because the last thing I need is to be blinded. I do have a chair and I use it when I know that my legs aren't going to co-operate. Thankfully I haven't had any accidents recently. I always try to work within my ability or what I can pull-off