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Sunday, March 18, 2012

todays obstacle

one obstacle that I face and some MSers may face is motor skill difficulty. Let me try to explain (for those of you that might be scratching your heads) by motor skill difficulties I don't mean numb fingers (which I do get) I mean lathering my scalp with shampoo and having trouble multi-tasking. By that I mean I have trouble both standing up (trying to balance) having my hands on my scalp and trying to work my hands around my hair(or lack there-of) and just repeating that step. It may be a motor-skills prob or it may be a multi-tasking difficulty.
I just wanted to mention this because I just showered and I felt weird, slathering my hands around, my arms felt weird for a second.

note that I am a fat disabled guy and not a pretty lady  
so I'm just using this for illustrative purposes
The way I try to work in my environment is to keep my butt/tuchus flush with my tub-wall and I try to not over do it with the lathering because the last thing I need is to be blinded. I do have a chair and I use it when I know that my legs aren't going to co-operate. Thankfully I haven't had any accidents recently. I always try to work within my ability or what I can pull-off

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