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Thursday, March 22, 2012

readathon is almost here

I thought I would do my part to continue to promote Deweys Readathon it is a fun way to celebrate the fun and joy of reading and for my part it's a way to bring awareness to disabled readers especially Readers who have Multiple Sclerosis. At times reading can be difficult for me because I have minor optic neuritis as well as  cognitive issues as a result of MS so focusing on reading that isn't on a computer screen is fun and a great way to rebuild from my disabilities. As I have previously posted the Readathon is on April 21st and it focuses on a 24 hour period, you aren't obligated to do the whole thing but it is fun. It helps to have your own blog or your own Facebook page so you can post about and discuss what you're reading. Check out the readathon page to get more details!

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