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Monday, March 19, 2012

the highs and lows

went to the gym today and as always it was an adventure. I did my usual fifteen minutes on the treadmill all went well with that, I'm able to do a half mile on a good day(and today was a good day). After that I went over to the stationary bike, I have to use the seated bikes due to my drop foot and balance problems. Upon sitting down a funny thing happened, I got this real big adrenaline boost (more than usual, I'm chalking it up to my coffee). I tore through my routine like I was pedaling away from danger! I usually do 2 miles within fifteen minutes, I ended up doing it ten minutes & thirty seconds, I didn't want to push it past that. I ended with my usual leg press and knee bend machines. On my way home I noticed a little minor blurring in my vision, the lesson learned there is that I should appreciate my strengths and not forget that with my MS my unseen obstacles are still there. I also know that I'll sleep like a baby tonight and I'll most likely be a sleepy slug tomorrow.

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