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Saturday, December 3, 2011

100 post wrap-up

according to my blogspot dashboard THIS will be my 100th post and I thought I'd share something a little out of left field. Lately I've really been anti-social, the only setback with that is that I haven't attended my in-person MS Support group for the last three months. Aside from going to the gym I just don't enjoy being around people at times, It's really a shame, in the meantime I try to keep myself informed online (re: MS). The next meeting is in January and I do plan to attend that one..
sometimes hanging out alone is ok, making it a habit is not good 

Aside from my bouts of being a recluse I do try my best to include myself through family members or through Facebook, although I have to admit that sometimes I do feel the urge to just turn off the laptop and just hole up somewhere non-digital. What do you think?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

just my usual

I tend to feel odd sometimes because I never know what I should share.  It's usually a draw between sharing info or trying to motivate in some way. This week nothing unusual has happened and I'm thankful for that, I sometimes wonder what my myelin look like close up. The best way to explain myelin to someone not in the know is describing like an insulated wire or electric cord, and for MSers like me that cord is damaged and
since I've been feeling good, never telling what'll be a good day and what'll be a bad one.
"damaged" myelin

re: handwriting atrophy

just a quick mention since I noticed that my original posting gets a lot of hits. I have a revised opinion on the matter, I don't have conclusive proof that my handwriting was directly changed, (since I can't read my MRI). Thinking on the matter (no pun intended) I believe that it's just a case of falling out of practice, I mostly type, there's not too much handwriting that I need to do