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Saturday, July 23, 2011

falling back into practice

me and my Ranger November of 2005 pre-MS
as I have mentioned I recently started driving again after a nineteen month absence. My initial return started out a little bumpy, I had a near miss while trying to change lanes (don't know if I can take responsibility for that one or if I can blame the huge blind spot my truck has) regardless of that no harm has come to anyone in my vicinity and I continue to get into a good groove re: driving. I liken my recent driving adventures to my recent forays in handwriting, at first it'll look scary but I just have to slow down and try again. being thirty five and having relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis theres a small part of me that misses the daily bump and grind then theres the logical side of my brain that dictates that a forty hour work week will only zap my strength, that trying to do a 90 minute workout will do the sane, zap the hell out of my strength. It's all a matter of perspective and being responsible, can I drive? yes. should I drive in a torrential downpour or in a sparsely lit area? not really, for myself or most people in general I think. Can I do a moderate 45 minute workout? yes! can I do a 45 minute session of trying to go twice as fast on the treadmill or lift twice as much on the leg press? no. a responsible workout for myself would include a basic workout to prevent atrophy not a workout to look like a juicehead.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

feeling alright

today I'm happy because I was able to do my entire workout. I also feel happy because I was cleared to drive nine days ago. After initial insecurities and scaring my wife with a near miss last weekend I think I'm settling into a groove. I really do my best to drive safely, keeping in mind that in the the world of optic neuritis there's no telling what tomorrow brings. Luckily my eyes really haven't gotten worse, I do my best to not overdo it at the gym because the last thing I need is to throw a monkey-wrench into my progress.

Monday, July 18, 2011

handwriting atrophy?

I'd like to share something about me that's changed since being on disability, since I no longer work and just use a laptop at home to communicate with friends I really haven't had any situations that have called for handwriting skills. My neuro's office already has my pertinent info down so I don't have to re-write anything for subsequent visits.I mention this because When I went to join my gym last month I DID have to use my handwriting and it was seriously lacking. In my working past pretty much all of the jobs that I have had have required writing of some sort or another be it progress reports or a shipping manifest. The afore mentioned gym membership sheet looked like a ransom demand. I really wasn't embarrassed I just found it odd how being out of practice for a year can really wreak havoc on someone's handwriting. My proposed solution, I have an old moleskin journalbook that I will use to occasionally scribble in, I have no problem with that since I used to that in highschool anyway.                         That is NOT my handwriting up there