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Saturday, April 16, 2011

What to do?

Soon I will be done at physical therapy, there's only so much coaching they can do before I'm left to fend for myself. I'm not really saddened by this prospect it's actually a good thing. So I'm trying to figure what kind of routine can I do. Aside from home workouts I think I'd really benefit from a "gym" but not a full fledged scenario, I was thinking like my local community center. They have exercise bikes and they're not populated my musclebound guys.  Any ideas?


one thing that I always try to keep in check is my mood. In my family I'm famous for being a grump so being levelheaded can sometimes be a daunting task for me. As simplistic as it might sound I'm actually thankful for this blog and the fact that I can commiserate with my Facebook MS Family as well as my local MS Support Group. Those resources come in handy because our loved ones often need to attend to work outside the home and it serves as a useful tool (at least for me it does)

Friday, April 15, 2011

fridays update

I had my "invigorating" tysabri infusion yesterday and I had my physical therapy this morning. For the past few months I have been training on a cane, I've become quite good at getting around. My ultimate goal is to rely more on my cane and  less on my drive walker. I've been trying to build up a facebook group to build up a bigger MS support Network

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

tune up part 2

the infusion went well, the nurse got my IV line done on the first try. The session was done in less than ninety minutes. The tysabri felt cold going into my veins but it was a successful infusion nonetheless. When I got home I noticed I was a bit more alert then I was before, I know that the drug isn't caffeinated but it just makes me wonder

tune up

according to my infusion nurse my tysabri should be administered between twenty eight and no later than thirty five days. For me I'm on day thirty five about two and a half hours away from my infusion and I'm feeling sluggish. I know that tysabri doesn't work like an energy pill but to me it almost seems like it. My sluggishness is not an exacerbation and it doesn't effect my walking I don't think it's PML

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

road rage or just me being angry?

I'd like to know if anyone else experiences this situation at super markets. Maybe it's just one of those situations where I'm making something out of nothing. The able bodied shoppers like to stand wherever they so desire even if its in front of an aisle or an item I might like to access, I'm not much of a yeller so I expect most sighted people to see a fat guy wheeling toward something and be courteous. I might need to navigate exactly where they are but no they'll stand where they please, I try not to say "excuse me" alot because it loses its meaning after the first twenty times and I'm afraid I might yell or at best GROWL it, Don't get me wrong, I'm not a bitter driver, the last thing I need is to give the community a bad name. And I certainly don't go around with a sense of entitlement , but I just expect a little give and take from my fellow shoppers to not block an aisle. I'd love to use my cane in the store but I'd get exhausted after 20 feet and it might take me till next year to finish my shopping. Let me know if this has happened to you

Monday, April 11, 2011

ongoing hurdle

the one setback that I constantly deal with but I barely notice, my drop foot involves a minor sweep to the left that looks like a pretty good Kaiser soze impersonation. The fact that I'm making good progress in tri-weekly physical therapy is a great first step. Most would recommend the Bioness system but I've been down that road before and I don't care to try again. the symptoms tend to feel worse because we're in a mini-heatwave.