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Thursday, August 1, 2013

3 year and seven month check in

ok so its been a while and I haven't been posting for good reason, a while ago I started letting my low self esteem dictate the tone of the blog, and that was contrary to what I initially was intending to do. I had some type of delusion of being a "go to guy" of being an advocate. Like many MSers who take an interest in documenting my ordeals I thought that I could start to pass on a wealth of knowledge .. and so on and so forth. My only setback there is MY MS brain likes to forget ... a lot. As I've stated in previous posts I have a habit of jumbling my words and thoughts.

While I believe I'm rebounding in the self worth and attitude portion of my life so I'll do my best to come back, it may be full of self deprecation and it may be sporadic but I believe that I should keep trying. I may not be a fountain of knowledge but my little point of view is still worth sharing.