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Saturday, February 2, 2013

a wellness check

... and by wellness check I mean that I'm writing this so that my occasional readers can know that I am alive. I have no excuse my my prolonged absence but you can imagine or agree that this MonSter always has different plans for us. My problem (besides mustering up energy) is my motivation always seems to seap out of me, I'll have a standard day- think of a possible subject (or something that happened to me in my day) and the voice in the back of my head starts in with - "well that''ll never work" or "Your sentences don't make any sense".

As you can plainly see I have no self esteem but I only mention that so the reader can see that they aren't alone and more as a form of do it yourself therapy (i.e. tell myself that I'm ok)... because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and Goddone it, people like me. Sarcasm and old SNL lines help me

I'm also plagued by my continuing grumpiness, I tend to do well enough when I'm in a hermit like situation, with the occasional coffee shop trips with my mom and my 3X a week gym visits with my dad I do ok. (I live with my wife and cats whom are all within 10 feet of my position on this couch) ok so I'm not a TRUE hermit.

I wrote this post yesterday and just noticed some text and color errors on the page, as much as I tried to fix it 'blogger' is choosing to not be my friend today :-(