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Sunday, October 14, 2012

It was a valiant effort

I tried my best but at the 13 hour mark I fell victim to a bunch of airborne germs that have been festering in my house ( I ain't mad at ya honey) . Paired together with some tooth pain and I didn't see getting very far in the readathon. From hour one I was reading at a snails pace but I guess if you choose a book that has a lot of Medical terms in it then you get what you ask for. I was reminded that having MS I will more often than not have cognitive issues and in those 'cog-fog's I can only do so much. Pair that together with the cold that I have and "Boom" the wheels on my mental train of thought re: reading will fall off and I'm forced to mentally pull into the station. Well it was fun while it lasted, I wanted to thank the cheer-readers that came and visited me, I want to thank the folks that stopped by to read my thoughts on what I had to say.

As far as future participation is concerned I have some thoughts on that, I do try to do my reading in the name of Multiple Sclerosis in order to bring awareness and understanding - I mistakingly choose books sometimes that are too technical and books that I shouldn't just breeze through, If I come back next April I would like to try something that doesn't require too much understanding, perhaps a Bio/autobio? Well regardless of my future choice I'm just glad that I tried.

For my fellow MSers

For fellow readers and non-reading fans