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Friday, September 21, 2012

My Readathon Quandary!

Tomorrow is Can Do MS day and I decided to pick my book (books) for next months Readathon, it may seem trivial to some but it is something for me to take into consideration. In past readathons I've read both fiction and nonfiction, what I'm stuck on is IF I dedicate my time to a nonFiction MS book then I don't want to make the mistake of buzzing through the book too quickly, and since I'm dedicating my time on behald of Multiple Sclerosis and MS Advocacy I always question whether I shouldn't be reading an MS focused book. 

Right now as it stands there are two particular books that are leading the race
It's Not All in Your Head by Patricia Farrell PHD
it's common for MSers and to experience a wide array of issues and Dr Farrell deals with these issues in her book 

(please be aware that since I'm deciding which books to read that I haven't READ them yet)

and M is for Monster a Modern Bestiary of Classic Monsters

and just in time for Halloween a true scare fest!!

so far these books are leading the pack, eventual back-ups to these books include books by Palahniuk (which I have a few which I haven't cracked yet) and in a not so distant third place is

11/22/63 an imaginative story set a midst the tumult of the Kennedy Assassination with a fictional story as the main focus.

I invite any input by fellow MSers or fellow Bibliophiles, my intended Readathon is on October 13th   

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