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Thursday, June 14, 2012

My complacency will be my undoing

All kidding aside, having MS is quite serious so I often try to break up the monotony with some fun. As with any situation were you have to rely on assistance devices be they animal, canes, walkers, etc; there comes a point for many when the mind forgets about certain setbacks. In my case I use a cane, I'm quite thankful that I have gotten as far as I have with assistance but I usually forget and just start walking UNassisted . I mention this because walking unassisted can be quite dangerous (as I very well know). Falling is quite common with folks who have MS and falling becomes more prevalent when someone is unassisted (it can even happen WHEN assisted, MS balance is tricky that way). Just a few moments ago I tried to take just eight steps (all it takes is one step to fall) well needless to say I fell right after the fourth step. This situation could have been avoided if I A. used my cane and B. cleared up some of the floor clutter/obstacles that I've laid out for myself. I'm quite lucky that I only suffered minor VERY minor carpet rash on the palm of my left hand, in other circumstances that could have turned into a fracture or a sprain. My sort of laziness may not be common among other MSers (I'm hoping) but I bet that another person out there IS. Aside from my rashy palm the other casualty was a spray bottle that we use to discipline the cats.
this is a stock photo, I don't spray
my cats with green liquid