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Thursday, March 29, 2012

ongoing dilemma(s)

I've been having trouble lately, my two ongoing problems are typical MSer problems so I'm just typing here to vent, two nights ago I enjoyed some turkey chili and that came back to bite me on the butt the following day. I woke up feeling very bloated. My hardship there, I'm cuban and I enjoy dishes that have beans in them, as you already might now, I have MS and have a digestive tract that feels like it rusts shut most of the time so most days are an adventure.

a basic way to illustrate my situation
My other problem as I have stated here before my leg tremors have been becoming more active lately, for those of you who aren't to familiar with that, it looks exactly how it sounds, my foot will twitch left right, left right really quickly for about five seconds then my leg muscle contracts. It doesn't hurt me it's just annoying because my leg does this on its own. Most days it's not annoying but for the last two nights it's been really bad. I do take my supplements and try to make it to the gym three times a week so right now, only time will tell