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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy March!

In many states across the US, March is observed as MS Awareness Month, Having MS and viewing visual aids such as the one to the side help me to remember that I'm only human and that I should get back on track "agenda"wise with my blog. I'm reminded of the Charles Barkley commercial from the 90s the famous "I am not a Role Model" from Nike, in regards to holding myself up to some unseen standard for my behavior on Facebook and  this blog. My behavior or rather my feelings of being ignored or unnoticed are just typical for mood or minor depression, the only thing I could tell you the reader is that I will try to be on the ball a bit more

I am aware that I'm not a role model or even a spokesperson, but I can still try to be a friend, Hi! My name is Ricky

Sunday, March 4, 2012

when will I just grow up

I'm not really a whiner, but I think prolonged exposure to Facebook has turned me into one. I have become complacent in a virtual world, that's the downside of being a virtual (and literal) hermit, when no one cares what you say you shouldn't go back and complain that they aren't looking. I had started a second profile on Facebook to speak with MS friends and different folks who have health concerns in common but I'm regretting that choice. I hardly get spoken to on that second profile, I guess some of that is my fault since I made a big deal about getting a barrage of game invites.I wouldn't want to speak to me too,  After all is said and done I think slowly deleting my 2nd profile might be the better option, either that or I guess I'll have to sack up and learn to live in a world of invisibility.