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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

todays workout

Most of lifes obstacles NEED to be overcome, MS is no different. I should preface that with if it's possible to overcome an obstacle in MS I think you should try to do so. At this time last year I was in the process of joining a gym because I was discharged from outpatient physical therapy. Upon starting at the gym I gauged my comfort level on certain machines since the gym didn't have the same machines as the phys. therapy office.

the treadmill in my gym is similar to this one but has a longer plastic  "handlebar" area to grab  onto
One machine that has turned into a necessity is the treadmill, at the gym my first few weeks I hovered around a 1.5, eventually I was able to progress to a 2.0 for an average of a 10 minute walk. These past few weeks I've been gauging my strength and endurance during my treadmill time and progressed to 2.1 and eventually 2.4, when doing all this I keep the emergency stop with arms length because I have also been increasing my walking time to 20 minutes. So far so good, I'm thankful that I haven't had a relapse or  had any other complications. Today I did a good 20 minutes at 2.4 and walked for .78 of a mile. I'm not a math wiz so I don't know exactly what the 2.4 translates into a per hour ratio but I know I feel great. While I do all of this it is important to note that sometimes dial down the treadmill speed to compensate for my dropfoot.

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