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Thursday, May 3, 2012


With the passing yesterday of Junior Seau I thought I would again bring up a subject that is very important, Suicide Awareness. Having Multiple Sclerosis the subject of brain issues (which is a possible element to Mr. Seau's passing) is obviously something I can relate to. In my case and the case of many MSers the issue at hand involves depression and how it can effect us and hinder us. I say with all respect to Mr Seau, his family, his friends and fans, but this is an excellent opportunity to shine a light on a serious matter. No one should suffer in silence, regardless of the issue, mine is MS but there are countless others that aren't physical health issues such as those that effect service personnel. I shared last year about actor Michael Showers who apparently took his life shortly after he was diagnosed with MS, I didn't know Mr. Showers personally but I know plenty of other MSers. I can say that having (or knowing) people in the same situation is great because it serves as a great support system. You are not alone 1-800-273-TALK or you can message me if you need to talk, I am NOT a pro, but I can listen. 

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  1. Hi, ya, I hear ya about depression and also not suffering in silence. SO nice that you are reaching out. I am here for you too, k?
    Love Gail