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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Upcoming Readathon

I'm gearing up for the 24 hour readathon, I've selected my book Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I figure I'd have luck with a fiction book that doesn't take itself to seriously, plus I figure I better read it before the movie comes out. I'm a history fan so reading fiction based on historical figures should be fun. The big change I will make this time around is to slow down and try not to gobble the book up, in doing so I hope to be able to clearly chronicle what I've read and I also want to try some of the side challenges that will be posted by other participants. As usual I will be accompanied by my beautiful wife in this literary voyage as she tries to power through her book. Unlike last year I will only try to do 1 book since I am not a fast reader and my MS will most definitely make me tap out. Speaking of MS, I will be doing my reading in the name of MS awareness (readers/participants) can read for charity and got sponsored, I prefer to not got involved with money dealings so I will be doing my blogging from THIS site and inviting others to read if they so choose.   I do have a back-up book just incase I finish this book, I highly doubt that will happen though.

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