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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It'll officially be a year tomorrow

I started this blog 3/14/2011 and I was officially diagnosed 2 years and 2 months ago so I thought I'd share a bit on  "What have I learned?" (just like sitcoms from the 80s or South Park)

When it comes to Multiple Sclerosis we are individually unique like snowflakes (I HATE that  analogy but it's quite fitting here) What effects* me may not necessarily effect* someone else and vice versa. I've learned to be thankful for where I am at the moment, if I can do my 30 steps and not fall ... well then it's a good day, I do my best with what I have and hope that it doesn't progress.

I've learned to appreciate my blog friends and even my Facebook friends (as much as I might complain sometimes) I look forward to being updated on their treatment and enjoy learning of their successes, what may not work for me might be a life-saver for someone else (a call back to us all being unique)

I've learned that I can still push myself when it comes to working out, although I've had a hiccup or two when I overdo it I've witnessed that I can still do a decent amount of walking (albeit a screwy wobble walk left-leg wise) Thanks to my kindle fire I've read quite a bit more recently, I only mention that because I have a daily fight with the attention part of my brain so ANY reading is a good thing. I've gotten accustomed to the occasional left leg tremor, the only drawback aside from the inconvenience is that my leg gets a little tight.

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