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Sunday, January 29, 2012

December and January were too dark

toward the end of December I made my pilgrimage to go to Ohio to see the inlaws with my wife, after being there for a few days I received  word that my uncle passed away. It was unexpected, he passed away in his sleep, and being a thousand miles away from my family really didn't make me feel too great. I started the new year quietly with my wife and trying to adjust my on-line presence (per my NY Resolutions). And I can't help but feel that I really haven't done much regarding making any changes to what I do when I come online. Last August I started a second profile on Facebook to set apart what I do. I guess I'm amending that resolution to be that I will be online less, I'm not really a "guru" (or as I have proclaimed myself at times) MSNinja. and when I sign onto Facebook it just seems that all I do is say Happy Birthday to twenty people and poke at others. I'm not really quitting per se, I'm just going to try to focus more on me.  

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