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Sunday, January 1, 2012

I don't believe in "resolutions"

I didn't tread lightly there, calling something a resolution just seems like you're already saying you won't do it. Rather than making a resolution I figured I would make goals, I know it's just semantics but think about it. People usually break resolutions, where as "goals" (or aspirations if you want, although I won't) can be a year long type of mental check list that you can always fall back on. My other suggestion is to not aim for the impossible, considering I have MS (always having to plan certain things out) resolving to slim down takes a bit of planning but I believe it's an attainable goal (although that's a classic one for me.... and everyone). Trying to lose some weight IS attainable I just have to be a little more disciplined about it.  Another area of my life that I would like to fine tune is my online presence, rather than dilly dally when it comes to being on Facebook or blogger I would like to set out a mini-agenda for what I'd like to accomplish that day. As far as blogger is concerned I've been trying to use a recorder app on my smart phone to record blog ideas as I get them. It seems to work for me.

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