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Saturday, May 14, 2011

life in TV

anyone truly knows me can tell you, I am a pop culture junky and severe tv show addict. Having alot of free time I have been able to view all of "24" and I'm in the middle of watching lost, in my opinion those shows have little parallels to my life with ms. How so? 24, is the tale of CTU agent Jack Bauer fighting all kinds of terrorists and baddies, I equate that to the MS trying to storm into my brain and start trouble kind of like a terrorist or anti-american bad dude and. Then it's up to Jack Bauer and CTU or my Tysabri/other meds n vitamins to bring em down and set things right! The other parallel is the TV show "Lost" this show if you haven't seen it is kind of hard to explain. it's kind of like a serious non-comedic version of Gilligan's Island, well not really but you should "wiki" the shows. Thats not as direct as my "24" references now but I find similarities on how everyone with MS is just going on with life all nice as can be (pre-MS) like life before the plane crash then all of the sudden BOOM we're on the island kind of like how some of us have the first crash or iniial incident where we fall or have vision problems. Then we deal with new problems like optic neuritis kind of like the smoke monster or the dharma bunker. Flashback scenes are always interspersed with the daily action, similar to how we might try to over investigate the time that lead up to the diagnosis.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Confessions of a cog-fogged mind

i tried to post this yesterday, didn't notice it until know

since I was diagnosed 17 months ago I have went through a total of four MRIs. Of those MRIs I have seen the results of 0, zilch, nada. I really don't know why, probably fear, probably some weird superstition. I've never been a fan of inspecting my own brain, despite MRIs being a miracle and advancing the science of neurological diseases, it doesn't seem normal for me to have that power. Irresponsibility aside I've decided to put the fear of my brain aside and get educated this time around.

Part of the giving in is because I've been on Tysabri for almost a year and I need to know that my brain isn't swiss cheesing anymore

confessions of a swiss cheesed mind

I wrote out an extensive posting yesterday right before blogger crashed and took my posting down with it, "Save" be damned. I started off by confessing that in the seventeen months since I've been diagnosed, I have gone through a total of four MRIs. I have never really viewed my MRI results I've pondered why that is, Perhaps fear of viewing my own brain sliver by sliver?  the claustrophobia part of it really doesn't bother me, it's more of the being subjected to a 2 hour bizarro concert of hums whirling magnetos in my ear. I had my fourth MRI this morning and I've decided to "man-up" and finally take the plunge. I wrapped up my morning by taking my monthly tysabri infusion (number 10!), and so far I'm feeling good. I am achy from the 2 1/2 hours stuck in one position not moving, thank God for couches!