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Saturday, April 9, 2011

my summary

For my part of the Dewey's 24 hour read a thon I threw in the towel at ten pm (14 hours into it) mainly because I have a small headache forming. I read from two books "Fall Down Laughing" I read in it's entirety and "Climbing Higher" I only got to page 79/the end of chapter 5. It was pretty fun for my first official read a thon, I did this on behalf of MS patients everywhere.

readathon part 3 this time it's personal

nearing the 12th hour I've taken a small dinner break and before that I had started on my 2nd book

Climbing Higher by Montel Williams
I have made it past the 50th page and this book is detailing a lot of stuff, having MS myself I can relate to Montel's issues with balance and mood, after that I feel a little lost on Montel's intensity.

8:52PM UPDATE I have it it to the end of the 4th Chapter that mostly  details Montel's challenges as far as racism and dealing with peoples prejudices in Baltimore growing up, in the Marines as a grunt and as a celebrity with MS.

into the 13th hour!!

Deep in Thought

Still in this readathon, in it to win it! and by win it I'm just talking about spreading a little MS awareness out there. I have been doing a good job thus far I have finished my first book and I'm about to start Chapter two in "Climbing Higher", and I've gone farther than I originally thought I might. David Landers book started off on a funny-ish beat but Montel is definitely not shy nor will he tiptoe around telling the story of how and when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

readathon part 2 I need a snack!!

Rounding the homestretch of my book I can't help but want to write David L Lander (Squiggy) A fan letter sometime tomorrow, It also inspires me to try to be more visible out in the blogosphere when it comes to MS issues. I don't think of it in a preachy sense, not in a pity me kind of sense but more in the sense of wanting to be an Ambassador for MS and MS issues. As far as my reading is going, I'm almost at the end, page 174

as I had predicted, I was able to enjoy the book because I could relate to it up next on the schedule?
Climbing Higher by Montel Williams

Read a thon update

As I previously stated, I am a slow reader. I have made it to page 62, making it a total of 24 pages read,

UPDATE on the update, I am on page 82 and I find myself kind of taking my time Because David Landers MS symptoms mirrored some of my own and it's really compelling to me.

FURTHER UPDATE I have just finished a great lunch of a leftover burrito Colorado and some Tostitos to bring it on home, with some cheese dip! book wise I've gotten to page 112. I am very moved by this book. David Lander is very open about his life and Multiple Sclerosis and I keep finding situations and instances that I can relate to. I will try to keep posting from this point only.

I'm amazed I read as much as I did

My wife is more of a prodigious reader than I am, mostly due to my attention span. I have read the first 34 pages of David L Landers "Fall Down Laughing". So far I've only had my Maxwell House which is amplifying  gurgles in my stomach. Back to the Book!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

my involvement in the readathon

by this time tomorrow I'll be into my first book during the April 9th readathon. I'll be doing this on behalf of the MSAA purely from an awareness point of view. I reiterate that just so there is no confusion. I plan to read a book by David Lander (Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley) and his life with MS. My involvement is to challenge my cognitive function and to see how much I can read, I even have a back-up book if I finish the first book but I doubt I will. 

Cognitive issues effect myself as well as countless others with multiple sclerosis. By taking part in tomorrows events I hope to see how much I can do and if I can give a clear synopsis of what I have read.  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dewey's Read A Thon

my wife turned me onto a great web-feed/blog about reading thats doing a read-a-thon on April 9th, pretty much it involves reading for a 24 hour period for the love of reading, you can also do it in the Name of a Charity, I have chosen MSAA The MS Association of America. It also involves a bit of blogging. I think this will be a great challenge for me because having cognitive issues is not an easy thing. I'm hoping to overcome hurdles with caffeine and the support of my wife. Although I mentioned that it's for MSAA it's not for donations unfortunately.

Symptomatic Therapy and Multiple Sclerosis

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

more motivation

thanks to Netflix I have been enjoying a 2 day marathon of 24, it motivates me, I want to become the Jack Bauer against MS

thoughts of the week and motivation

I've been having success at my physical therapy, my balance continues to improve, partially because the Tysabri (natalizumab) is doing it's job in fending off the renegades who are trying to slow down my brain and I think the other part is my choice in workout music. I am not trying to be sarcastic with that last thought, being fully motivated is of great importance especially in my case and I assume the situation that many are in. Getting up and moving to a song is much more doable than trying to do that to the Fox news channel. My other thoughts lay with CCSVI, I subscribe to Google Reader that sends me Blog postings on an hourly basis, that along with Facebook gives me alot of postings about ccsvi, from my side or as far as I'm concerned the ccsvi or Liberation procedure is still not proven to me. The Pro and Con camps have alot to argue but I still remain against only until its more widely accepted. I know that tysabri faced its problems with JC virus and pml but the FDA cleared it. soooo that's this week so far from me

Monday, April 4, 2011

monday's update 4/4/2011

had a good weekend. Worked out a little at home on sunday and kept up with my google reader . I read a bit from a Deepak Choprah book that I recieved over Christmas and I'm about to start "Fall Down  Laughing" by David Lander about his life with Multiple Sclerosis. After that I have one of Montel's books to read.   

Exercise psych up music

I really try to take advantage of my physical therapy time and I'm a fan of psych up musc whatever your preference for music might be for your consideration I offer the fight music for the Karate Kid

I can hear this music through my mp3 player while using the sit down excer-cycle and the treadmill