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Saturday, April 2, 2011


I continued to be amazed at my neighbor, my neighbor who likes to sit in his driveway and start his motorcycle up every 45 minutes. I say amazed because I'm amazed I haven't walk'erd over there and put this laptop up his butt. I only jest it's 6:30 and I'm just cranky. This morning went by most smoothly, went to the warehouse club with my wife and picked up the jumbo coffee pack from Maxwell house (that should suffice for 5 weeks)

I only do regular roast, I stopped drinking coffee for a while because I thought I was going to spill it on myself, I solved that by using a little travel mug that screws shut if I'm gonna wheel around the house.

Friday, April 1, 2011

AFO vs bioness L300

in 2010 my physical therapist recommended I get an AFO. Upon going to my neurologists office he wanted to set me up with a Bioness device. The principle behind a Bioness system didn't scare me because I've had arthroscopic knee surgery and I've used stimulating devices on dormant muscles before. But it is difficult to get this device approved by Health Insurance. Its a fine device, I used it one afternoon to try it out. While I was waiting for the approval I went ahead with the AFO because I needed something! it took exactly 1 week to produce and was covered by insurance, Because I usually wear sneakers adjusting the sneaker to accept the AFO was not a problem. Bioness FINALLY called me back 4 months after that to tell me my insurance did not approve the device I had no intention of financing the device having this illness I already have a ton of debt  I have nothing against the company, Bioness is a good company but in my case the AFO met the need at a prompt time and I did NOT have to buy ANOTHER set of shoes.

A definite workout

Even though I'm pretty much home bound because don't want to drag my walker out on days like today when its pushing 80 degrees, I try to make trips to Target even when its not a necessity. I made a trip this week with my wife and they ran out of mobility scooters so I had to use a wheelchair. I'm out of practice with wheelchairs so it was a workout trying to balance items on my legs while I push myself around.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Therapeutic Updates in Multiple Sclerosis

Attn MS Patients in St Lucie, Martin, Indian River and Palm Beach Counties
MS Active Source is presenting this free program at Vero Neurology at 1155 35th Lane in Vero Beach Complimentary will be served. Complimentary parking available. This program is on Wednesday April 20th registration is at 6:00pm the program will start at 6:30pm You can register today by calling 1-866-955-9999 or go to

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Physical therapy and romper room collide!

At my physical therapy center theres an elderly patient who has the same treatment schedule that I do, she's brought there by a man and woman in their thirties and they have the habit of bringing a small toddler with them. There is nothing wrong with children, they are the future after all, but after 20 minutes of this poor child running laps around the room and yelling bloody murder I feel like losing it. I can't make my sessions later in the day because I am fatigued in the afternoon and my sessions are at 11am. I know I'm making too much out of this but it is really starting to bug me. I've told the staff numerous times and I even tried later appts but that made me tired. Am I alone here?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

stll tired but thinking positiv'ier

I figured I should put a different spin on what I wrote earlier. I'm still tired, but I'm quite alert and managed 2 different runs to the mailbox.(a huge fete for me sometimes, considering my walker has a twisted wheel from a fall a few months ago) whats foremost in my mind and the minds of my fellow MS'ers is keeping cool in that respect I really lucked out because my living room sliding door faces east and after 10am (this time of year) the sun isn't shining straight in Its nice and cool in here.

Proceeding with caution

I really don't know if my yard work yesterday did it or if it's just chemical. I'm in no pain or anything like that but today I just feel sluggish. Most of the day has gotten by me, I guess in the long run I'm just comparing it to yesterday. Keeping a low profile today just might be a good thing, keeping cool as well.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday afternoon mania

By mania I refer to the fact that I spent this early afternoon lugging a garbage can to my backyard to pull weeds. In the grand scheme of things it would be a good idea, but I should be thankful that I didn't overheat and get fatigued. Aside from that I think I did a pretty decent job. Before this morning our yard looked haunted.

I know I don't have to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, and I have to be safer than that but I was smart. I started the "yard mission" at 11:30am, it rained all morning so the yard was kind of cool up until the last 10 minutes. I really haven't done anything strenuous or that tasking (aside from lumbar punctures or playing rocket man inside of an MRI machine) in close to 18 months. I missed it. Beside the temperature getting higher I had to come in because pulling the weeds kept leaving divots in the yard and I was afraid of getting stuck.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm cut and pasting bits out of my old blog

This stuff is from my old wordpress blog which i refuse to use, mostly because it's not worth the headache

Regarding Ricky

In true ‘ricky’ fashion I have neglected to tend to these musings/thoughts in quite some time. For the longest time (about 3 years or so) I have been having the hardest time getting around, and feeling my legs**(my legs have had intermittent numbing). At the first on-set I just wrote it off as some weird fluke, perhaps some Floridian voodoo I wasn’t to familiar with. It started off as a minor numbing in one leg that seemed to coincide with the cold (November-march) and it would seem to fade or not be as noticable once the warm season started. I remember that first year I saw a G.P. who ran his tests and diagnosed me with a b-12 deficiency. I guess it because I don’t like to trust doctors but I really didn’t put too much stock in that diagnosis. Well regardless I followed or semi-followed that doctors orders, once the warm season started again it seemed that everything was fine or just ‘fine enough’. As long as my foot didn’t plop off I was fine enough to work….When the ‘cold’ season came back I immediately wrote it off as b-12 nonsense. With the end of the first spell and well into the second ‘go around’ I was really prone to loosing my balance and I mean REALLY loosing my balance. Thank God for the flea market, I ended up buying this nifty ergonomic cane (aside from someone making an occasional pimp joke – life was ok.) Fast forward a bit to cold season ’09, at about the onset of winter I remember that it felt like my feet would sometimes be burning (at work) and not in a jock-itch burn but in an acetylene torch kind of burn. I was also having an exceptionally difficult time trying to get around. I waited for my wife to come home from a trip before I went back into the emergency room. (actually the second time I went I went in with the assistance of an ambulance since I couldn’t walk under my own volition).
Modesty is a luxury
on my first day, while people twirl all around my bed and disappear off to hidden corners I just lay there. While all this is going down there are other powers that be in the hospital analyzing specific MRIs and other such tests. While I lay there with an ever-growing belly, I was doing my best to put on a braveface. The diagnosis we eventually received didn’t come as  a surprise because the neurologists were saying it all along.

Multiple Sclerosis
I’ll end todays entry with this…. I try not to be too schmaltzy (despite what my wife says) I’ve never been an avid reader of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, I’ve been blessed with an amazing wife, one that worries way too much for one person, in order to not over diagnose myself I’ve limited myself to what I’ve learned about MS… this tends to work for me.

I typed that almost a year ago on April 1st 2010, this next bit is from 09 after we came back from our honeymoon

june 17th 2009

… we finally made it down the aisle, or in our case down the sidewalk toward the gazebo.
The reception went better than I had planned. No fights, no loud words. Being legally drunk for 80 percent of the day didn’t hurt matters any. Most of the food didn’t go to waste, more than half of the keg was consumed, and Porky the Slaughtered Pig was delicious. I’m by NO means an expert on anything let alone married life, but from what I’ve felt so far… it’s not all too different from living together in sin. on a boat we made it to the boat despite some last minute scares. We quickly adapted to the cruise lifestyle, lounging around and drinking drinking DRINKING! The ports of call were as I imagined they’d be. Aside from Hemingway’s house and some assorted stops here and there, Key West seems like one big happy hour, by 2 o’clock we were suffering from heat exhaustion so beer was the last thing on our minds. Cozumel was the second stop on the drunk americas tour. I felt like i was in the middle of George Lopez’s comedy act, I couldn’t help but think of him while we were walking through the plazas “My fren my fren, looka mira, you like belts?” The pressure was on for the vendors because our boat was the first one that had docked at the port in 40 days, the Governor of the region was there and so were the local media. Cozumel was definitely worth while, we took an educational tour/Hiking tour through the Mexican desert in San Gervasio,Cozumel learning about Mayan culture. Apparently honeymooners have been making pilgrimages to Cozumel since Mayan times, according to our guide the site at San Gervasio was the stop all newlyweds made in order to pay respect to the fertility gods. Our third stop was Belize City in Belize, like Cozumel we made another educational tour. We toured another Mayan site and we really enjoyed ourselves. What we learned (aside from the obvious educational stuff) chubby people shouldn’t hike especially in a tropical climate. Meanwhile, ON THE BOAT! we ate our weight in steaks,lobster, chicken and deserts. And back on land I developed an inner ear infection when I got back, not to fun when the room spinning but your sober.
Next Obstacle, finding and moving into a new house

it's interesting to read these old posts and how I'd regarded my MS

It keeps getting better

So far sunday has started off quite well, building off of yesterdays positivity with the cane, i'll be going to my parents house with my wife. until then we will be content watching the food network on a lazy sunday