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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mid-October update

I continue to forget my cane and walk away from it into other rooms, it doesn't scare me so much I just see it as a sign that my brain wants to re-adapt and move along. This week my wife and I are with friends who are visiting from out of state, we're in a condo enjoying different, yet similar scenery (we live in Florida) we visited the Yuengling brewery and had a chance to sample some of the product.

unrelated to my excursions I have decided what book(s) I would like to read during the read a thon that I have mentioned in previous posts I plan on read Stephen King's "Different Seasons", one of Kings best it includes Rita Hayworth and "The Shawshank Redemption" and "The Body" which Stand by Me was based on. I like to participate in the readathon for the challenge of it as well as trying to bring awareness of MS and the MS community to the book blogging world and bring awareness of book blogging to some of my fellow MSers. side note in the unlikely instance that I'd finish my book I have a grouping of King books as secondary choices. Trying to read and bring such awareness to it is really close to me, a few months after I was initially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I had developed retro-bulbar optic neuritis, (can't find the older post :(  ) and after the effects of the Optic neuritis subsided I decided to celebrate my reading. The read a thon challenges two things in me that I have/had difficulty with (memory/cognition and vision) the Readathon is slated for October 22nd weekend.

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