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Friday, September 9, 2011


if there's one thing that I try to hammer home through this blog and through Facebook is that I do not tolerate negativity. To combat that I try to be vocal and vigilant when I see someone that may be showing signs of depression. I try to share information as I come across it and I try (on facebook) to share some laughs. For me optimism is difficult but VERY do-able, this past week I was informed that my blood work related to my tysabri infusions showed that I show the antibodies for the JC Virus. I am not worried, a few of my fellow "tysabrians" have shown the same result but like me are continuing with the treatment. having the antibodies present doesn't mean that one HAS the virus but that they should be monitored closely. I also try to be optimistic when it comes to the naysayers that think I'm crazy for choosing to continue on my treatment.

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