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Sunday, May 29, 2011

leaving on a jetplane pt. 2, Going Home

well I celebrated World MS Day by traveling a states away from home via Continental, good airline. Tomorrow I will make my return home via USAir, I'm not really worried about the traveling, I figure I'm home free once the TSA agent does his required groping, that's one of the perils of having to use a walker and not being able to stand for the body scanner. I'm not that bothered by the pat down and aside from my sarcasm I really don't see why most people are scared by the process.

Once seated on the plane my major concern lies with getting a good angle for my feet, on my flight into Newark I didn't have good foot space and I thought that I would never walk again. My flight from Newark to Dayton was better foot space wise. All flight crews are trained regarding American with disabilities act and I witnessed that first hand last week re: being able to use my walker to the craft doors. I believe I shouldn't have any problems tomorrow, Flying from Dayton to Charlotte and then home from there!


  1. I hope you're able to get seated in a place with enough room to stretch your legs!!

    I have had a great time traveling once I realized the airlines would take such good care it me! At first I didn't think I was able (or maybe it was that I didn't feel well enough to want to). Like I say, if I have to weather this storm of MS, I'm going to enjoy the rainbows. Not having to wait in any line is definately a rainbow!

  2. thats very true Linda, thats an excellent way to look at the situation!!