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Saturday, April 9, 2011

readathon part 2 I need a snack!!

Rounding the homestretch of my book I can't help but want to write David L Lander (Squiggy) A fan letter sometime tomorrow, It also inspires me to try to be more visible out in the blogosphere when it comes to MS issues. I don't think of it in a preachy sense, not in a pity me kind of sense but more in the sense of wanting to be an Ambassador for MS and MS issues. As far as my reading is going, I'm almost at the end, page 174

as I had predicted, I was able to enjoy the book because I could relate to it up next on the schedule?
Climbing Higher by Montel Williams

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  1. Great job powering through your first book! I hope you find the second book as enjoyable. I say big ups on the fan letter idea. I'm guessing it would mean a lot to know that his story touched and inspired you.