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Friday, April 1, 2011

AFO vs bioness L300

in 2010 my physical therapist recommended I get an AFO. Upon going to my neurologists office he wanted to set me up with a Bioness device. The principle behind a Bioness system didn't scare me because I've had arthroscopic knee surgery and I've used stimulating devices on dormant muscles before. But it is difficult to get this device approved by Health Insurance. Its a fine device, I used it one afternoon to try it out. While I was waiting for the approval I went ahead with the AFO because I needed something! it took exactly 1 week to produce and was covered by insurance, Because I usually wear sneakers adjusting the sneaker to accept the AFO was not a problem. Bioness FINALLY called me back 4 months after that to tell me my insurance did not approve the device I had no intention of financing the device having this illness I already have a ton of debt  I have nothing against the company, Bioness is a good company but in my case the AFO met the need at a prompt time and I did NOT have to buy ANOTHER set of shoes.

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