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Saturday, March 19, 2011

my cats, my kids

I thought I'd introduce everyone to my little daily companions. Aside from my loving wife (obviously) the cats make my monday through friday just that much more bearable. They're the definition of laidback which is really a stress-reducer to me. I do love dogs but having a dog really isn't on the cards for me and my wife. Having daily walks would be ideal workout but I tend to tire out quickly especially in the humidity and heat. The cats are ideal little comrades for me, we hangout in the air-conditioning and occasionally play fetch with toy mice. The white and orange cat at the bottom is Picasso he's a shy cat. The middle chubby cat with white paws is Emma she's a rather hungru cat (as you can see) And the 3rd cat, the grey cat at the top is Estrella, she's a rambunctious cat. The cats are important to me and my wife and I really value their companionship especially since they're pretty independant (at times). Comparing dogs to cats when it comes to being companions for the disabled I would definitly go with cats. Dogs are very, very vital & important to the service animal industry for many many reasons but in MY case its just not doable.

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