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Thursday, May 22, 2014

it's still May

I often find myself repeating the same problems over and over again, ya see I do have good ideas swimming around in my head (as Swiss cheesed as it might be) I don't mean to repeat myself a lot but my biggest problem in life in general as well as this blog. I mentally stutter a lot I know it comes with the territory but I always double back on my thoughts and ideas because I doubt myself... then some time will pass and I think  "wow I haven't blogged in a few months" then again I double back, 'Na what do I have to write about?' or I think to myself if I read one more time that drug X is doing so and so I'm going to throw my laptop (going back to the whole  too much info thing from last post) then before I know it its been a year or more and I start to feel guilty, Oh don't get me wrong I long ago abandoned the fact that I'm not an advocate mainly because I don't feel like leader of anything, but sometimes I guess I could be 'observed' if that makes any sense.
Tysabri wise I'm feeling safe and sturdy, my last MRI was a few months ago and it didn't show any new growth.
grumpy old me

Thursday, May 8, 2014

ok so I'm still here

I really haven't given up on the blogging process the only excuse - only reasonable excuse is burn out, physical and information burn out and what I mean about information burn out is the dozens of MS sources that I have throwing information at me, information is good but if you take in so much it can fry your brain. Blogging has been fun but I built it up too much in my brain and since I fell off the radar I've been enjoying my anonymity too much pressure  I haven't fully disappeared I have been enjoying tumblr which is a micro-blogging site
I have also been into Munny figures, I try to use a work area that I set up for myself in the garage however that usually doesn't work because the garage gets kind of hot and I can't do much
tooling around with this Munny