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Thursday, November 22, 2012

being thankful

I guess I'm not as vocal as most folks when it comes to being thankful but I can assure you I am. On days like this before I go to my parents house and mix and mingle with my family I will be asked more than once How I'm doing, in situations where I mingle with my family or other folks who don't know how MS 'works' it can get frustrating. It can get frustrating being asked the same questions of  'When are you going back to work?' or being told ''but you look good'.

I try to take situations like these in stride, it's not anyones fault that they don't know (In most occasions I try to educate but once you explain it for the 8th time you get tired).

I am thankful especially this year because I feel a good moderate strength in my legs and although I did have a fall at the gym on Monday I am thankful that I can continue to build up my legs and I'm thankful that I can still use my legs (although with a cane, but still thankful!)

Monday, November 19, 2012

live to fight on!

well well well, there's no legitimate reason for my absence I guess I get caught up in mental hoopla of November but I'm glad to be back. The reason that I saw fit to blog this morning is regarding a mishap I had at the gym. My level of disability isn't extremely severe but it's severe enough that I need a cane because of my drop foot. I was at the treadmill as I usually start off my regimen I started at 3.0 at a quite brisk pace. I recently started using an older pair of sneakers because I thought they were somewhat cleaner (BIG mistake). I wasn't using common sense this morning because much like a tire gets worn or bald the same happens with sneakers, when I built up a gradual speed at one point my foot lost grip with the tread and as a result I ended up kneeling quickly and was launched backward and crashing to the ground.

worn shoes, BAD for MS
In the war against MS I have slowly been getting used to my weaknesses, I am tough and I'm used to getting scraped knees. It's now just a matter of resting and working out another day. Even though I may not like the other shoes it's important for me to switch back.