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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Steady as she goes

For me, the mantra for this upcoming week will be steady as she goes. As I previously posted I took a spill a few days ago, I fell just to the side of my tailbone - I'm not in a tremendous amount of pain and although I did not see a doctor I know that I have to try to stay off my tuchus which is easier said then done when you're disabled. I've kind of been experimenting with a sideways sit (one cheek higher than the other but when all else fails I retreat to the bedroom to laydown (sideways). Nothing is impossible just have to try to tweak my upcoming workout routine for this week. Instead of sitting at the stationary bike after I get off the treadmill I'll be staying on the treadmill longer at a slower speed in order to not burn out. The Raccounters "steady as she goes"

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