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Sunday, March 4, 2012

when will I just grow up

I'm not really a whiner, but I think prolonged exposure to Facebook has turned me into one. I have become complacent in a virtual world, that's the downside of being a virtual (and literal) hermit, when no one cares what you say you shouldn't go back and complain that they aren't looking. I had started a second profile on Facebook to speak with MS friends and different folks who have health concerns in common but I'm regretting that choice. I hardly get spoken to on that second profile, I guess some of that is my fault since I made a big deal about getting a barrage of game invites.I wouldn't want to speak to me too,  After all is said and done I think slowly deleting my 2nd profile might be the better option, either that or I guess I'll have to sack up and learn to live in a world of invisibility.

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