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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Feeling groovy

I thrive on boredom, when my body isn't in pain it's a Great thing! I mention the boredom because since I'm not in pain it must mean that I'm getting better right? Well that's the tricky thing with MS or at least my MS. I started out 22 months ago with a walker and limited mobility, with my treatment and therapy I have progressed to a cane, an AFO (ankle foot orthotic) and have become a lot more ambulatory. I have been thinking about that a lot lately, I'm doing my best to be a greater example to some folks, mostly in how I "try" not to be judgmental, try to keep open ears for my friends on Facebook, "being there" is very important to me considering what we go through having MS, the depression can destroy a person. I just want to help, don't have to be a doctor to do that!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

in light of my previous post

rather than just rely on my motivational artwork only I have to remember to take a cue from the old Nike Slogan and Just do it. What I mean by that is I have to remember to Be more energized when I do my daily duties. All though it might be difficult, I should do my best to leave footprints in the sand and not Buttprints. Considering that it's my MS that I'm talking about, having Energy might sound tough but I believe it is do-able. If the millions of other MSers can do it then I believe I can do it to

I continue to get better or rather have less difficulty at the gym, so thats a pretty good accomplishment. My new goal is to continue with the same amount of energy and "gusto" throughout my day

fun with fonts

I have to apologize, I have been writing at a snails pace since the readathon. I have just had my attention pulled into different areas recently. I was reading in the Erase MS mailer about Teri Garr and how she is making a difference by her speaking engagements and as a member of the board of Directors for the Nancy Davis foundation. It got me to thinking about what I have been doing or to put it more directly, What MORE can I do? it's not that I'm trying to outdo people here but I look at a fellow MSer like Ms Garr as inspiration. One thing that I'm fond of doing is making little illustrations through the 'Paint' feature on my laptop, mostly taking fonts from online sources and typing out inspirational ideas or thoughts to help others. I just wanna try to do more sometimes.