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Monday, October 24, 2011

toot my own horn?

I like sharing on this blog, the fact that I share information makes me happy. When I'm offered the opportunity to post or guest-blog at another blog I take advantage of it. Last week an original posting of mine(not featured here first) was featured on the Erase MS blog. I shared my own experiences kind of like I do here. It's nice to be recognized for something you do but in the long run I just try to share here just to try and speak with my fellow MSers, (I'd say commiserate but that involves pity and I don't like that) I also try not to get a swelled head, offering guidance to someone who was just diagnosed (last week or whenever) doesn't make a an MS Yoda it just makes me a possible friend (to someone).

Sunday, October 23, 2011

my readathon retrospect

well first and foremost I had fun, that should be the key ingredient/motivation for anyone to take on this challenge. It takes a certain amount of discipline to do this as well. I just double checked my stats, I lasted two hours longer on this challenge than I did in last April's challenge, that's not terribly important but the only reason I brag about it is in having MS I'm very prone to fatigue. It's a miracle I stayed as alert as I did for as long as I did.

I didn't read my WHOLE book but I got damn close to it. Out of the book I chose two stories, "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption" and "The Body". It helped me visualize especially since these stories were featured as movies. Of the two I enjoyed "The Body" most. It involves the adult recollections of Gordon Lachance and how he and his friends set out to see a dead body just before Labor Day in 1960. I have quite a few other King books which I think might be next on my reading list.

To my fellow Read-a-thoners I say see in six months!

To my fellow MSers, keep safe and painfree and keep reading!