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Saturday, October 22, 2011

read-a-thon post 6 I'M STILL HERE

In April's readathon this was about the time I started to get cross eyed and tired.. I have found away around that, Starburst jellybeans!!

Re: my wonderful book, I am really enjoying this book, King has added a depth to these characters (in both Shawshank and Stand by Me) that the movies couldn't fully represent. I have just gotten to the part where the boys have to outrun a freight train. Coming up on Sweet 16!!

The Body (continued)

so I had previously mentioned The Body swerves into a substory written by the Gordy Lachance character
as I continue to read it is explained the Gordie wrote in in college because he was writing about his own brother. I easily get confused so I was glad that this was explained to me, from the two that I have read so far both seem to be centered near and around the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine. ok, enough jibbering, tah tah

The Body

in the middle of "The Body" aka Stand by me, I must say I am really enjoying this story, for the most part it is pretty much like the movie, as I continue to read I have stumbled upon a "side story" that Gordon Lachance writes as an adult. Confused at first but it gives you insight on what the character felt. I only say this because I assume that (just like the movie) the "Gordy" character is writing the story as an adult.

Aside from thinking that I read slow I really haven't had any difficulties. It helps that both of my books (so far) were also movies with narrators, so when I get bored I can always imagine Richard Dreyfus is speaking the words. Almost at the 12 hour mark GO GO GO!!

read-a-thon post 5 almost dinner time

as I have previously stated I read Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, part of Stephen Kings Different Seasons, it was a good read, the only little bumps were some minor changes the movie makers made in their movie. I decided to skip Apt Pupil and go straight to The Body. It to was made into a movie but so far it seems that Rob Reiner and the screenwriter haven't strayed from King's story. I thought I would put in some pump up music, See you soon!!!

read-a-thon post 4

having fun with my book, for all intents and purposes I'm done with "Shawshank" I might be adventurous and jump out of sequence and read "The Body" (Stand by me). I was reminded or should I say encouraged by comments I just read for my previous posting, I should remember that this is not a race, this is for my Fellow MSers and to "merge" my MS world with my Reading world. Best of luck to all my fellow readers out there!

and the Nancy Davis Erase MS website which I have guest blogged for them in the past

updated 40 minutes later

I tiptoed around the end of that book and took some time to review the main blog. I've decided to start on "The Body" next

read-a-thon post 3

I'm slowly plugging away taking my MS into consideration, the story is short but I'm a slow reader MS or no MS. But I'm near the end, so far the book is giving me a broader depth of the movie. One thing that I do like that movie changed was the character of Red being an older black male while in the book he sounds like he's white (from his red hair), not being critical, just love Morgan Freeman in that role

 I'm enjoying a warm Florida fall day and I've had some hummus and pita chips for lunch.

read-a-thon post 2

getting into the "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank redemption" and I'd thought I'd pause. I've seen the movie version of this story dozens of times it's one of my favorites, but it's just interesting to see the depth of the story and see the elements that the film maker left out, I'm just kicking myself for not having done this earlier...
.... I should have a snack!

Fall Read-a-thon post 1

it's that time again, to enjoy the fun side of reading, For this go-round I've chosen Stephen King's "Different Seasons" I haven't gotten terribly far considering that we're only an hour into the read-a-thon. The first part is the basis for a well known movie "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption", I', having fun with the subtle differences between the story and the movie.

I'm trying to be generous with my reading times because of my cognitive issues (ie I might have to re-read a sentence). Well, back I go!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

my readathon update

less than two days away from the start of the readathon and I'm feeling good. I'll be doing this for Multiple Sclerosis; both to bring awareness to the disease and to remind folks that although we might have cognitive issues and vision difficulty we can still enjoy a good book. 

thick sucker
a little worn but still good
As far as my choice is concerned, I've mentioned that I'll be reading "Different Seasons", I thought that I'd need a back up book (Because the goal is to try to read for 24 hours, I was just perusing the outside of the book, that sucker looks HUGE, I know I can do it though. I plan on doing my snack shopping tomorrow, nothing like some chips while ya read!.