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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a line in the sand

many of us who try to stay current on MS and are homebound tend to rely on social media. I use Google reader to sum up all of my blogs, while scanning the subjects of all the blogs and the daily news rap-up involving Multiple Sclerosis and CCSVI it seems there are two camps, the pro and against. I try to stay current and informed with all the developments, it seems theres a war of words between the two factions. I clearly fall in the middle between the two parties, I want the process to succeed, I really do, but in the meantime I just do my best to remain positive. Negativity is a horrible thing, I do my best to be positive, not in a wishy washy lets go hug a tree kind of way but in a preserving sanity/bitterness is bad for my body way. Because my information is from blogs and not first hand accounts my knowledge is limited. I have the utmost respect for both sides.

Positivity isn't such a bad thing. I welcome all comments.