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Saturday, April 23, 2011

We are family!!

I have been on facebook for a few years now but only recently did I decide to to "friend" some other members of our community. No special reason why I held out really, I just didn't want to come off as a 14 year old on myspace trying to collect friends. I soon got past that thinking when I remembered that communication is vital! I'm fortunate to have a support group but not alot of others can say the same. That's also kind of why I like to do this page. commiserating can occupy some time but it can also brighten up someone Elses day. Personally I have friends from all over the world, some friends that I can only understand thanks to Google translate. I have been learning alot and I've found it to be a great chance to share ideas and just talk. We've all been thrust into a situation together and we're trying to confront it, kind of like a Grisham novel without a lawyer.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life on MarS

Whether it is a recent diagnosis or not, having Multiple Sclerosis is NEVER easy. dealing with a diagnosis is an unimaginable idea for anyone to deal with. That diagnosis is my daily reality I have had to do my best to be positive and not sound wishy washy when it comes to to Motivating myself or those around me. I try to gather strength from my accomplishments, today at physical therapy I was downgraded from a three times a week cycle to twice a week. I have gathered alot of strength alot of it physical FROM my workout routine

Sunday, April 17, 2011

accentuate the positive

Having MS is nothing to laugh at, I think that's pretty much an understood fact, but in having MS I'll be damned If I'm going to be bitter. Of course that's easier said than done given that everyone experiences MS differently. I have been taking Celexa ever since I was diagnosed. That works with me and my neuro Being positive agrees with me