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Saturday, October 22, 2011

read-a-thon post 6 I'M STILL HERE

In April's readathon this was about the time I started to get cross eyed and tired.. I have found away around that, Starburst jellybeans!!

Re: my wonderful book, I am really enjoying this book, King has added a depth to these characters (in both Shawshank and Stand by Me) that the movies couldn't fully represent. I have just gotten to the part where the boys have to outrun a freight train. Coming up on Sweet 16!!


  1. Hmmm I could use some sugar right about now. Hope you're having a great readathon!

  2. Stephen King is a great choice for read-a-thon reading; great characters, compelling plots, and the choice between short stories and longer works. Hope you continue to enjoy these as the read-a-thon's later hours approach. You're doing a great job turning those pages!

    Happy reading to you!

    Cheering you on from Team Trix