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Saturday, October 22, 2011

read-a-thon post 3

I'm slowly plugging away taking my MS into consideration, the story is short but I'm a slow reader MS or no MS. But I'm near the end, so far the book is giving me a broader depth of the movie. One thing that I do like that movie changed was the character of Red being an older black male while in the book he sounds like he's white (from his red hair), not being critical, just love Morgan Freeman in that role

 I'm enjoying a warm Florida fall day and I've had some hummus and pita chips for lunch.


  1. CHEERS! It's not really supposed to be a contest to see how many books or pages you read but to enjoy the time reading and having support to do so, right! KEEP GOING!!

  2. Don't worry about reaching a certain number of pages. As Care said, it's not supposed to be a contest. Have fun!

  3. thank you, thank you, I bring it upon myself because my wife (who is taking part with me) is a quick reader, but I know it's about the experience, For my MSers!!