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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


For a while now I've tried my best to not directly address my treatment viewpoint on this blog, I try to not lean too much in one direction because most MSers get really serious about their chosen treatment. It's no secret that I'm on Tysabri, I try not to mention it too much because I was once told on Facebook that I must have some "big balls to take that poison" Since then I had been dancing around the topic of mentioning treatment choices (at least somewhat). To me it mostly seemed that the main group of anti-tysabri people are proponents of CCSVI. I myself have no desire to engage in a pointless war of words with anyone I think it won't help anyone. Ever since I was in physical therapy following my initial hospital stay I've tried to dwell in positivity, there were a few people in that rehab that were just too angry so I had made a conscious effort then and there to try and focus on my health and not feel bad for myself. As for my REAL feelings on CCSVI, I think its a good thing I want MSers and those afflicted with other problems to benefit, is it right for me now? No, My tysabri may not be the choice of other people but it's mine, I'm at a point where I can walk without pain and I can drive and remember things without too much concentration. In the future it may be an option for me that's why I try to keep open ears and learn from other bloggers and Facebook friends, the other anti-tysabri group seems to be the holistic/anti-drug lobby, I tend to be more puzzled here because folks in this camp ALSO call Ty poison but start to talk alot of stuff about Biogen and go on and on and on sounding like conspiracy theorists like we're being kept sick on purpose. The thought that I'm being kept sick on purpose is just dumb, we're allowed to be mad it's our given right as Americans to be mad. You can have a differing opinion if you try to post it I may not publish it. If you do respond remember that this is just my opinion


  1. I'm of the opinion! That you are the only one who, can decide what's best for you. Because in the end your the only person you must live with!

  2. I agree Mary one of the drawbacks of Facebook is that you hear A LOT of differing opinions and I just take too many things to heart

  3. Many people think they are trying to help, but some of the words they use just hurt. Trying to remember that words can hurt people more deeply than a physically attack ever could. They forget that not all M.S. treatments work the same for everyone. At times it does not hurt to remind each other about that from time to time.