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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

feeling alright

today I'm happy because I was able to do my entire workout. I also feel happy because I was cleared to drive nine days ago. After initial insecurities and scaring my wife with a near miss last weekend I think I'm settling into a groove. I really do my best to drive safely, keeping in mind that in the the world of optic neuritis there's no telling what tomorrow brings. Luckily my eyes really haven't gotten worse, I do my best to not overdo it at the gym because the last thing I need is to throw a monkey-wrench into my progress.


  1. It's so tricky getting that workout in despite...

  2. Hi Ricky,
    Good to hear you can driuve, that muswt be liberating.
    Take it easy.

  3. @nicole very true, In my case I figure it's either workout or Netflix :) @thank you herrad, it's liberating and nerve racking at the same time, I do my best to drive slow and casually and turn the wheel over to someone else if I'm not feeling up to it