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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yesterday I received good practice for keeping a positive mental attitude while visiting one of my team of doctors. (hectic waiting room, unruly children, angry patients) The clinical side of the visit was fine though, since I have optic neuritis my opthamologist has done a good job of checking all the odds and ends when it comes to my optic nerve. Optic neuritis involves an inflammation of the optic nerve that often leads to sudden vision loss or obstruction in vision (like seeing a grey blob in your line of sight). They conducted a field vision test which I didn't "fail", nor did I "pass", I did the same as a visit right after the onset of the neuritis. The test is very peculiar it looks like a miniature mock up of what I imagine a UFO might look like on the inside stark a single color and tons of flashing lights going off one at a time in random order. My eyes were then dilated so the  Dr can take a peek inside the eye itself, from the pupil area looking in. The pressure in the eye (their words not mine, don't ask me) was good. The appointment ended with a referral for a second opinion since this is a neurological condition she wants a second opinion on how we should proceed with my eye from a neuro-opthamologist   that above is the field of vision tester, the UFO part is within the circle area

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  1. Blessing...
    Just popped in to say hi. I had that test done where you had to follow the and click etc. Had it done due to family history stuff.

    Sounds like you are taking care of yourself, a tasks most of us fail miserably at.

    Take care and stay blessed.