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Sunday, June 5, 2011

therapy cats

Don't be fooled I am not an animal expert and I won't pretend to be but I thought I'd share a bit on my cats and how they help me. I married into a cat owning house so I had to adapt quickly because I love my wife, aside from allergies and the occasional scooted butt on the carpet I really do love my cats. I think I like them more because my cats are house cats so they aren't in the habit of needing to go outside. I mention that because 80 to 90 degree weather is not good for MS*. While I do my morning surfin (on-line of course) my cats like to stop by the couch and make sure that I'm ok while they go on about their daily toy chasing and assorted napping duties. The one draw back to cats is that you have to put up with a lot of crap, literally. I have three cats and since they are hungry house cats... well needless to say, they keep me busy with litter box duty, I don't mind doing it since I'm not really doing any other big jobs and my wife really appreciates my willingness to do it. But cats aren't just poop machines, cats are also good at retrieving well at least one of my cats is exceptional in her retrieving. When they visit me on the couch they also appreciate a good head scratch and occasional belly rub. 

*I occasionally enjoy being on my back patio in the sun but I have to be careful about that so I do not get heat exhaustion, very early morning is usually a good time.

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  1. I really miss having pets--allergies prevent them now but it's great to hear about yours!