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Saturday, April 23, 2011

We are family!!

I have been on facebook for a few years now but only recently did I decide to to "friend" some other members of our community. No special reason why I held out really, I just didn't want to come off as a 14 year old on myspace trying to collect friends. I soon got past that thinking when I remembered that communication is vital! I'm fortunate to have a support group but not alot of others can say the same. That's also kind of why I like to do this page. commiserating can occupy some time but it can also brighten up someone Elses day. Personally I have friends from all over the world, some friends that I can only understand thanks to Google translate. I have been learning alot and I've found it to be a great chance to share ideas and just talk. We've all been thrust into a situation together and we're trying to confront it, kind of like a Grisham novel without a lawyer.

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