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Friday, April 29, 2011

I don't believe in setbacks

From the moment I was first told that I had multiple sclerosis it seemed that negativity was out to get me. That is mostly due to the horrendous attitude that the attending neurologist had, she was relaying all of the other diseases that I might have. That was resolved by a prescription to Celexa and exercising my right to not be brought down by that negative Nelly. Since then I have become a bit more educated in MS and thankfully I have no other diseases. I try to be positive, there's no place to go but up(thinking about how low that Dr. had me feeling) Most MSers tend to have a positive outlook from what I've seen.

I've spent the last month practicing my cane usage, trying to upgrade from the walker. I might have overdone it just a bit because last Wednesday my knee was a teeny bit swollen, so I left physs therapy early. I've had twisted knees before (twenty years ago) so I know it wasn't that, I think (and my phys therapist agreed) my knee is just a bit over used. I spent most of Wed/Thurs taking it easy on the couch and relying more on my walker, Friday I went in and started my rehab a bit slower. In the end I didn't leave early and I did most of my workout. There's nowhere to go but up!

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